Before the turn of this century, most businesses were literally drowning in paper. Every document generated by any business was printed on paper, sometimes multiple copies for distribution, read off of paper, filed on paper and eventually stored on paper. The ubiquitous file cabinets grew larger and larger. Entire industries developed to handle the printing, distribution and storage of paper documents. Entire forests perished for these documents. FedEx was founded on the idea of getting paper to and from customers overnight! Entire mega-sized warehouses existed to store nothing but paper. Looking at that period in the history of business from today’s vantage point makes the practices seem wildly inefficient.

These days the internet has emerged as the most effective and convenient way to transfer data, overcoming physical and geographic barriers in the blink of an eye. If your data doesn’t currently exist in the digital realm, it will soon need to. The process is called Document Digitization.

In brief, the digitization of a document is the conversion of a paper document into various digital formats. With the advent of digital technology, it is now possible to convert physical documents like newspapers, periodicals, books, images, texts, and other business paperwork into a digitized version such as pdf, doc, Xls, XML, jpeg, gif, HTML, CD, tape.

The migration from paper to digital can be painless if you plan carefully and choose the right partner. Career Prime routinely handles this kind of work. We are safe, professional and reliable. Our work is quick and economical, saving you the time and expense of hiring and training additional staff.

Why Digitize?

The first step in Document digitization involves document scanning, and the digitized version created in the process offers a variety of benefits like:

  • Easy storage, retrieval, and editing
  • Easy to duplicate
  • Faster access
  • Easy to transport and share
  • Compatible with various forms of digitalized data transfer
  • Document Digitization At Rely Services

Career Prime uses a robust infrastructure of document management and cutting-edge technology to meet the requirements of our customers. The entire process of document digitization usually follows this path:

Requirement analysis

The client’s requirements are discussed and a plan developed

Collection and Document Sorting

The documents to be converted are collected and sorted. Foreign objects like paper clips, pins, spiral and other types of bindings, are removed.

Document Scanning

The documents are scanned and saved in the form of an image file.

Conversion to Digital Format

An Optical Character Recognition system of hardware and software is used to convert the image files into text files. Proofreaders manually check the conversion for accuracy.

Document Indexing

The documents are saved with the proper file name for easy identification and retrieval.

Document Organization

As per the requirements of the customer, the documents are separated or combined into PDF or other digital format files.

Why Outsource Document Digitization Services?

Digitization of your paper documents will dramatically change the way you do business, and among other benefits it will increase document security and reduce the costs associated with paper. Document digitization services include archiving, scanning, controlling access, document tagging, process definition, custom search, software customization, integration, support, and more.

Digital documents are easily shared, duplicated, stored and retrieved. They can be almost instantly copied and backed up, so they won’t be lost or destroyed by manmade or natural disasters. Digital records can be analyzed by AI for trends and forces that might influence critical decisions.

Document conversion offers both security and convenience. Offering controlled access to digital copies makes it faster, easier, and safer to find and use the required documents. The goal of paper digitization is to significantly reduce the dependence on original paper documents without affecting security, operational efficiency, and control.

Why Outsourcing Document Digitization Makes Sense

Scanning your documents and saving them in your computer or uploading them directly to the cloud is the smart choice. It keeps your data safe and minimizes the possibility of loss.

But do you take on that task in-house, or do you outsource it to a professional?

BPOs- Business Process Outsource firms – specialize in moving businesses into the digital realm. They have the trained staff, the hardware and software for any type of migration, and the security protocols to move all your paper records – regardless their format- into digital information.

Document Digitizing At Its Best!

If your enterprise is not digital based now, you might think that the transition is impossible. Years of paper files pertaining to almost everything may be sitting in boxes somewhere in an off-site facility, expensive to store and difficult to access.

It IS the 21st Century. Let’s start acting like it! Let’s get and stay digital! It might be painful, but in the long run, breaking the paper habit will improve your businesses’ health. Some advantages include:

  • Data Security

Businesses can prevent the loss of valuable records because now you have the ability to make multiple copies of any file and store them wherever you wish.

  • Data updating and retrieval

It is easy to update and retrieve digitized data. Digitized documents can be better linked with other company systems like CRM, ERP, Fax, Web, and Email.

  • Quick Access

Data can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. This saves time and increases efficiency.

Getting To Know Document Digitization Services

Document Shredding

Once digitized, the original documents can be destroyed, protecting confidential information safety and complying with privacy laws and regulations.

Aperture Card

We use the best of high volume scanners for digitizing thousands of aperture cards every month. No one does it better or faster.

Paper Documents

We can convert your paper documents into an electronic format through paper scanning, large format scanning, photo scanning, and when necessary, manual entry.

Image Scanning

We have the resources for configuring complex OCR data capture processes with a high level of accuracy and deliver the results on time and on budget.

Bulk Scanning

Our bulk document scanning services can handle paper files and different printed materials, medical records, blueprints, photographs, microfilm, and microfiche.

Medical Record Scanning

If you need to digitize medical records, our high-speed sheet-fed scanners, x-ray scanners, photo scanners, film scanners, and flatbed scanners will get the job done.

Document Management

Our service is inclusive of digitization, archiving, indexing, and imaging, ensuring that the information will be stored safely and retrieved easily.

Document Scanning

Document scanning services involve the use of scanners for converting paper documents into digital images.

Book Scanning

We make use of special scanners and proven methods to ensure that pristine color quality and greyscale images are not compromised. Our book scanning services involve the use of sheet-fed scanners, overhead planetary scanners, robotic book scanners, and book-edge scanners.

Partner With Career Prime For Document Digitization

1   Reliable Resources

Our services are reliable and scalable to your different business needs.

2   Affordable Services

We guarantee a savings of 40% and more over in-house costs.

3  24*7 Support

With a robust network of global support, our services can be easily accessed around the clock.

4  Quick Turnaround Time

Our systems and our services incorporate advanced features, so we can do the job quicker and better.

5  Secured Services

Career Prime has never had a data breach or data loss due to power, network, or server outage.

6  Experienced Professionals

Our highly experienced team of professionals leads the sector in quality and efficiency.

7  Easy Accessibility

Our team manages your documents in a systematic format; and they can be accessed by any authorized personnel with ease.