You asked for it, and we listened!

Apply4ME provides a platform where you can get on with your daily routine activities without worrying about applying for job opportunities. We will take care of all that worry and get your application to recruiters for roles that match your profile.


We do not have to use your personal email for this purpose. We will create a special email just for you and maintain details on your CV without changing a thing – except you choose to rewrite your CV before enlisting for this plan.

In a case where job opportunities for your role are hard to come by within the subscription period, we are obliged to send unsolicited applications to organizations of your choosing to make up for the gap.

Your enrolment for this plan expires after 30 calendar days, after which you are allowed to renew your enrolment.

Apply4ME allows for only 10 active participation per given time. LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE!

Weekly activity report will be sent to participants.