I left my former place of work to join this fashion outfit at Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. My boss actually manages several other outfits like a Beauty Store and a Bakery.

I was the Manager of the fashion outfit and had 3 other people who provided support. Everything seemed okay at first and got comfortable very quickly. However, during the staff retreat, we had a strategy session about how to change our approach for the year in other to grow the bottom line. Staff were asked during one of the brainstorming sessions to propose solutions to improving results and I found an anonymous submission.

I couldn’t share this submission as I believe the boss might not like it. We were having a good time already and such a question really would have spoiled the mood. I squeezed it into my pockets and pondered on the question throughout my journey home.

The question:

– Why does the boss reserve NGN 50,000 monthly to be shared to street beggars and some staff earn below NGN 40,000?

This act of the boss distributing money has been rumored, but I took it lightly. Anyway, I buried this question and let it go. I didn’t know who wrote the question in the sheet on paper anyway.

Fast-forward March, 2023, my boss called me into her office and handed me NGN 50,000 new notes – fresh cash. She instructed me to give beggars I encounter and make sure to share all the money only to beggars. I felt a strange chill over me. I was amazed and scared at the same time. ‘I hope this woman isn’t into something fetish’, I wondered.

I distributed the money and next day, I dropped my resignation.

In my life, I have dealt with many strange things, and I am not about to add this to the list of questions without answers.


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