Angry Employee

I was appointed an IT Specialist in a Real Estate firm in Lagos, Nigeria. The reception was good and the company had really good staff who welcomed me with open arms.

I was responsible for setting up, managing and troubleshooting the technology systems that the business used to maintain computer and software networks. It didn’t take long for me to hit the ground running. I was able to offer technical support and troubleshoot computer problems that were long-standing. I was actually making a real difference.

To the gist, the company hit some financial lows and the graphic designer along with some other staff left the business. The MD who already noticed my capacity to do Graphic Designs suggested that I take up the role, pending the time they can hire a new specialist. Willingly, I accepted the extra duty. Coupled with that, I was mandated to carry out agency duties, which included marketing of Lands. In all of these, I was able to ace my appraisals. After some time, I saw the need to request for an increase in salary, as I had functioned in my capacity for more than 3 years with no increment whatsoever. I escalated this situation to the HR and it got to the MD. The result? NOTHING!

I guess my reminders were becoming unbearable for the MD, he started delaying payment of salary. For 3 months, I had to remind the HR about my salary and this became an issue later. Anyway, it got to a point when the Manager would ask me ‘what have I done this month to deserve salary?’. It was at that point I realised I had overstayed in the business.

I resigned and moved on. Today, I earn more than 3x that salary and working in a more structured organisation. It wasn’t all bad at the Real Estate company though. I can say that I learned new skills that gave me an edge in my new role.

That’s my story. Thank you 🙂


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