Unsolicited applications are hugely underrated, and often very successful. More jobs than you think get filled as a result of speculative applications.

If you are looking for new career opportunities and can’t seem to find the right one in the listed job advertisements, a different approach to the job hunt is in order.

A common quoted figure in human resources is that 70% to 80% of available jobs never make it to the job advertisement sections. At the same time, most applicants stick to the listed jobs.

What does this imply?

It means that the majority of job-seekers apply to the minority of available positions. The smart ones search smartly. They focus on where the competition is less stiff. Also, they tend to be proactive, as applying ahead means they swoop in before the masses and get the chance to impress employers.

As a rule of thumb however, the bigger the company, the more difficult it is to get your unsolicited application through. Large corporations often do their recruitment by the book. Plus, they can take their pick out of their vast employee databases and your five cents worth may not make that much difference in their talent pool.


Before you apply: research, research, research

Since there is no job posting to give you a hint about the company or how to tailor your CV to vacancies, you have to make researches about the company. Know the executives, know about the company culture.

Reach out the right way

Whether you are planning to apply to a single company or work your way through a list of potential employers you’ve identified, in each case, you need to find out where to send your application. Know the right person to send your application to, so it doesn’t get lost in the black hole.

Make a compelling pitch – The job application

Write an interesting note about yourself and create a great first impression.

If you are serious about finding a job that’s right for you, unsolicited/speculative applications might be just the thing. It is always worth a try.

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