First off, let’s know the difference between the two.

A hobby is something which you like to pursue in your free time for fun and relaxation. A career on the other hand is a profession or occupation that is specialized, focused and followed as your lifework.

It has been said that if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. While this might be overrated, you can actually find many ways to turn your hobby into a career. There are five simple strategies to start turning your hobby into your profession. So if you’ve already got the will, here’s how to get the way.

1. Keep Innovating

Irrespective of the kind of hobby you have, you can monitize it by innovation. For example if you like painting, why not give your home  a re-paint. That’s the beginning of business. When you start getting compliments from families and friends, a new brand has been birthed.

However you need  to figure out how to expand your client base, how to market your product/services, and how to create an adaptable product/service.

Every aspect of creating a career involves inventiveness and imagination. Whether it’s how you create the product or how you encourage the market, you’ll need to learn to innovate. No matter how successful you get, you can never stop brainstorming.

2. Be Persistent

“It’s okay to dream, but that’s not enough—you have to take action on your dreams —every single day.”

So, how do you get started? The best way to learn persistence is by creating a schedule and  sticking to it. “Be sure to work at some part of the business or hobby at least 15 minutes every day.” Now, of course, if you’re really trying to turn your hobby into a career, you’re eventually going to have to start ramping that daily time up. But 15 minutes a day is a great place to start.

3. Listen to All Feedback, Even Criticism

Friends, family, trusted peers, and role models play a vital role in helping you to successfully professionalize your hobby. Listen to their feedback and consider their remarks, because it’s possible that your enthusiasm and passion are keeping you from seeing something that might be a hazardous obstacle.

4. Keep it Simple

If you are a hair stylist, don’t mix it with dress making. To begin the transition from hobby to profession, don’t overcomplicate it. Instead, simplify your goal and keep your aims clear. It will be easier to make a name for yourself and market your services if you can put an explicit title to your trade.

There is plenty of opportunity out there, and if you remain focused on your main goal, you will get there faster and ultimately have more success in the end.”

5. Stay True to Your Brand

It’s easy to feel competitive with other businesses out there and to compare your success to theirs, but staying true to your vision and your brand is the surest way to succeed in your work.

If you can stay true to your brand, you’ll enjoy what you do and others will appreciate you (and of course, pay you) for doing it.

Do you love what you currently do?

What is that hobby you will like to make a career out of?


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