Employee Profile Verification

Employers are required to make effort to identify would-be internal thieves or employees who simply do not have what it takes to bring the much expected values to the business. It is a high risk venture to bring in an individual to manage company funds, assets, and reputation without carrying-out adequate enquiries about the declared credentials of the individual. At Career Prime, we understand it can be a lot of trouble, but we are willing to go the miles for you. Career Prime’s Employee Profile Verification (EPV) is a scheme designed to ensure that employers have an exact information about who their employees are. Today, it is common practice for employers to examine credentials of employees and pass them to be fit without having to do a thorough background check on the employee.

Things you should ascertain about your employees:

  • Academic Qualifications
  • Previous workplaces
    • positions held with Job description
    • Recommendation from previous supervisors/line heads
  • Professional Qualifications
  • References
  • Guarantors

If you do not know any or all of these for your key employees, then you are working with a time-bomb in your suitcase.

Hire us to go the miles for you. We will efficiently give you the report you seek

People are wiser these days (in a negative way). They go as far as redesigning their profile to suit a particular vacancy, and employers rejoice to have found the right man. Unfortunately, incompetence can not be hidden for too long. Worse than having an incompetent fellow working for you is actually having a fraud working for you. There are cases of employees who have had to drag down organisations and businesses through forgery, stealing, and outright incompetence. Some employees go as far as doctoring credentials and certifications to get the job. This is unfortunate!

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As you might expect, many, if not most, employee fraud schemes revolve around the theft of money. On a rudimentary level, a fraudster may steal only cash. This typically occurs when employees have the opportunity to divert money before it’s deposited. For example, dishonest employees may “skim” cash by taking in payments that aren’t recorded and keeping the proceeds for themselves.

Naturally, there are more sophisticated ways to steal money from a company. Fraudulent disbursements, for instance, can take several forms. One common method involves setting up fake vendors to which employees pay invoices, pocketing the payments.

To safeguard your cash, you need strong internal controls. Start by conducting frequent reconciliation.


When many people think of employee theft, this is what comes to mind — someone scurrying out a rear entrance clutching valuable inventory. Many of the steps you can take to protect your physical assets may seem fairly obvious but, again, they can be overlooked or underused during busy periods.

Whenever possible, restrict access to high-value inventory. Also, reduce unnecessarily high inventory levels, because it’s much harder to notice shrinkage in large inventories. In addition, take regular physical inventories and keep an eye out for unexpected trends, such as inventory levels that go down even though sales are below projections. Benchmarking your company against similar businesses can help in this regard as well.


Whether it’s a worker with an allegedly disabling back injury building and selling fireplaces or an employee with a “broken ankle” strolling through antique fairs, workers’  compensation fraud is a common and costly crime.

Signs that an employee might be committing workers’ compensation fraud start with the accident itself. If no one witnessed the incident or it occurred just before an anticipated strike, layoff, job completion or termination, you may have just cause for suspicion.

Additionally, if the employee can’t recall specifics about the injury or accident, or he or she refuses or constantly delays diagnostic procedures, you may have a fraudster on your hands. Also be wary of injuries that aren’t consistent with the nature of the employee’s position or the business.

Other significant costs of hiring a fraud or a totally incompetent employee are company reputation, loss of clients, partners, process duplicates and leak of internal information.


You do not have to wait to encounter mishaps before you see the need to hire and keep the right employees. A fraud always would leave a trace. Career Prime will go the miles to ensure that all employee details are true and trusted. We have set out to ensure that the right people get benefits for their hard-work. You deserve to have the right person working for you. In as much as it is a lot of trouble verifying profiles of employees, we see it as a worthwhile task. We are building young professionals to be the right people for various openings across all career field; our effort would be truncated if we leave room for frauds to thrive. We want to go the mile for companies and ensure that the profile – credentials, employment history, guarantors, even addresses, are accurate. if this is done, you can go to sleep while your employees do what they are paid to do.

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