The Pygmalion Effect Careerpr

Whilst perusing twitter last night Dan Brinton shared this video, featuring Professor Robert Rosenthal talking about the Pygmalion Effect – described above: The whole idea of teacher expectations shaping the intellectual performance of students is a very strong one – and fits in very nicely with the principles of ‘Growth Mindset’ [ » ]

Corps Members Orientation Programmes Careerpr

The rising rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming. Many graduates are actually unemployable and the jobs are not available to the employable ones. It is just a total disaster altogether. The need for trainings, learning, entrepreneurial skills, and desire to make impact needs to be well propagated. Corps members [ » ]

Fresh Students’ Orientation Programmes Careerpr

Career Prime is focused on making time spent in higher institutions  worthwhile for students. It is no news that students look forward to the time when they come on-board. The feeling is awesome. They want to make new friends, experience new life….the next step, others want to feel the goodness [ » ]

Benefits of Academic Competitions Careerpr

It is not surprising that education and competition are intimately related. On one hand, it is natural for children to compete and, therefore, understandable that competition is put to educational use. On the other hand, competition may be found so important in adult life, that a society especially educates their [ » ]